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News/Photos (2022)

RIP Millie


Millie, the Mulepackers adoption mule, has saddly passed away at the age of 24.  She was struggling with her back and legs and started to feel a lot of pain.  The Donkey Sanctuary had to make the sad decision to have her put to sleep to end her suffering.

Millie was much loved and was sometimes seen performing tricks for the public.  She used to take part in medieval reenactments and if she wanted her food to come quicker, she would sometimes perform her routine of high-stepping backwards for four steps, then forward four steps.  (She was actually practising "Come On and Dance", but the sanctuary hadn't worked that one out!).

Thank you to Sandy and Ray for sponsoring her on behalf of Mulepackers.  We can take solace in the fact that she had a long life and a happy time at the sanctuary.

In 2022, Mulepackers are fund raising for their own defibrillator to take to clubs and social dances.  Mike and Mel decided to fund a defibrillator in advance as we are so aware of how critical those first few minutes are in potentially saving a life.  Although we know the location of nearest AEDs to the halls we use, every minute spent in fetching is reduces the chance of survival by 10%.  Mulepackers have had some sadness in this past year or so and it has become even more meaningful for us to do everything we can to boost chances of being able to help in the event of someone needing it.  Steph found an article on a London charity "London Hearts" who give small grants to the community to buy defibs, so we applied and were given £300 towards the cost.    This meant we paid £752 towards this one.  Once our fund raising has reached this amount, we will ask you to choose a new charity to support.

Below is a link to the training film on how to use the defib, but rest assured Mike and Mel are up to date first aiders and have been trained in CPR and managing the scene of any critical incident.  You can either copy and paste this URL into your browser and you will see their original vimeo training clip, or you can watch a filmed copy of it on youtube below.


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