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Charity News & Photos

Each year our members choose a charity we can support by holding charity social dances and raffles.   We also invite our members to donate to charity instead of giving Christmas cards.


21.12.20: At our Zoom Christmas party, we selected a charity nomination from the hat and Margaret's  name came out.  She has chosen "Wiltshire Air Ambulance".


In 2021, we are raising funds for Wiltshire Air Ambulance

In 2020, we raised £1,500 for Riding for the Disabled, Wilton (this included sale of masks during the Covid-19 pandemic)

In 2019, we raised £1,250.00 once more for Salisbury Hospice

In 2018, we raised £1,326 money for the local Diabetes Fund at Salisbury Hospital

In 2017, we raised £1,053 for the Stars Appeal, Amesbury Ward Fund

In 2016, we raised £514.00 for Salisbury Hospice 

In 2015 we raised £200 .00 for Cancer Research UK

In 2014 we raised £82.50 for Headway, for those affected by brain injury

7th January 2021

As a result of the National Lockdown, we were unable to make a presentation in person at the Riding for the Disabled Centre, so we made a bank transfer to them for funds raised throughout 2020.  Here is their letter of thanks.  We hope at some stage to be able to visit them and meet the staff and volunteers who will benefit from the funds raised.

17th December 2019

Our 2019 charity was chosen by Julie who asked for the funds to be given to Salisbury Hospice.  She joined us along with Chris and Steph who helped run some Tuesday evening dancing  for the charity when Mike and Mel were absent. Mulepackers donated £1,250 to the hospice.

Pictured are L to R: Tamsin from Fund Raising at the Hospice, Chris, Steph, Mike, Mel and Julie.

Thanks to Julie for choosing the charity and for all those who contributed in different ways throughout the year.

12th December 2018

Our 2018 charity was chosen by Norman who asked for the funds to be given locally to support Diabetes.  We were pleased to donate £1,326 to the Stars Appeal, Diabetes Fund on 12th December 2018.  The Lead Nurse in the department advised us that they are likely to put the money towards an insulin pump which can be temporarily loaned out to their patients so they can try a pump out  personally before committing to purchasing their own pump at circa £3000.  Pictured are diabetic department staff, together with Bernard, Janet and Deborah from the local diabetes support group and Mike and Mel from Mulepackers.  Thank you Norman for choosing the charity and everybody for your contributions throughout the year. The money has gone to a really worthwhile local cause.

15th December 2017

Mulepackers were very pleased to be able to present a cheque for £1,053 to the Stars Appeal, Amesbury Ward Fund.  Elsie and David Spaven, who chose the charity for 2017, accompanied us.  (see photo above)David has had two knee replacements and has spent some time on the ward.

The new charity for 2018 was chosen from names in a hat at the Christmas dance on 23.12.17.  Norman's name was pulled out and he has chosen Diabetes  as Mulepackers Charity 2018.

13th December 2016

We were pleased to present a cheque to Salisbury Hospice Charity (£514) raised by Mulepackers CWDC in 2016.  See photo above.

December 2015

We are very pleased to have been able to donate £200 to Cancer Research UK on behalf of the Mulepackers clubs (see the letter in photos above).  Thank you everybody for making this possible.

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